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In the Roleplay you are be able to buy several vehicles. You can get an own vehicle at the car shop which is located in Los Santos. The price depends on the vehicle and rises from 10.000$ to over 750.000$ for rare sports cars. Another way to buy a vehicle is the car tradecenter, where you can buy a used car for less cash. If you're doing a job you can spawn a special car at your HQ.

Special vehiclesEdit

Special vehicles are job locked. You can only get them while doing the related job.
These vehicles are:

Police cars, ambulance, taxis, busses and towtrucks.

N/A vehiclesEdit

Some vehicles have been removed for gameplay reasons.
These vehicles are:

Rhino, Hunter, Hydra, helicopters, planes and boats.


thumb|248px|right|Firstperson videoOur server has a simple firsterson script. When you type /firstperon in the chat, you see the world through the eyes of your character. To disable it, just type /firstperson again.