Rules of the RolePlay

Rules For Admins(Rules in addition to the Rules applied on players):Edit

  • No Admin/Moderator is allowed to give anything (money/weapons/vehicles). If an Admin/Moderator does that, he/she will be considered for demoting(if Admin, he becomes mod, Mod becomes chaosnetter, chaosnetter will be kicked).
  • Admins must respect all players. If an Admin disrespects a player, he will apologize to that player(or consider leaving the team).
  • If an Admin/Moderator wrongly uses his rights(which is commonly reffered as Admin Abuse, like kick,ban, or mute for no reason with no apologize) he will be considered for demoting or leaving the team.
  • Only the head-admin(s) of the server has the right to approve and promote new admins and moderators. If another member of the admin team promoted a player to an administrative rank, he/she will be considered for demoting.

Rules for Players:Edit

  • Players must earn their own valuables.They should not ask for money/vehicle/weapons/ammo from a member of the administration team. If they do, they will recieve a warning.If they continue there will be a mute issued to that player.
  • Deathmatching is not allowed. If a player continuously deathmatches, he/she will be kicked from the server.
  • Players must respect members of the administration team and other players. If a player disrespects another player or a member of the administration team, he/she will be either muted(time depending on the type of disrespect) or kicked(again, depending on the type on disrespect).
  • No kind of spamming is allowed. If a player spams in any ways(either flooding the chat, sending useless messages, or others.) he/she will be muted(time depenending on the spam).
  • No Advertising. If a player advertises, he will be BANNED without any warning.
  • No kind of CHEATING/HACKING is allowed. If a Player is caught cheating or hacking, he/she will be BANNED with no questions asked.
  • All languages are allowed.
  • No insulting, offending, or disrespecting allowed. A timed mute will be used on who disrespect this rule, and if the player continues to insult, the admin is allowed to kick him.
  • Admins are like other players, if they annoy you, or you see them abusing, you may report them at the forums(roleplay-f15/).
  • If you see another player BREAKING any of the rules, and if there is no admin online, you can report him/her by either using "/report" in game, or reporting him/her at our forums(roleplay-f15/).

If we forgot something please tell us.

Our purpose is to force use these rules.