FANDOM Job System

In our Roleplay server you can do many different jobs.
At the Employment Agancy (W blip) you can choose between fisher, trucker, taxi driver and pizzaboy. All jobs have a headquarter where the vehicles and equipment is stored.


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a pizza shop, SF

The pizza job can be taken at all pizza shops around San Andreas. In front of the shops you will find a floating pizza part. When you walk into it you will get a pizzabike and the adress of the costumer. After you have delivered the pizza you will recieve your payment. To take a new order just visit the pizza shop again.



the truck depot, PF

The trucker job can be taken at the truck depot. It is marked by a yellow bulldozer on the map. At the depot you will find a marker. After you entered the marker you will get a truck and the position of your trailer. Take the truck and get the trailer. After you got the trailer drive back to the depot and deliver your cargo to recive your payment.



the fish HQ, BM

The fisher job can be taken at the harbor of Bayside Marina. It is marked by an anchor on the map. At the fisher HQ there are two markers. A small one in the house, here you get your boat. And a big blue, here you will dump your fish. To fish simply drive around with your boat to a spot you like and type /fish in the chat after all fish is catched you can go back to the HQ to deliver it or fish again.

Taxi Driver

As Taxi driver you can transport NPC to the locations they want to go. No equipment is needed for the job. You
can spawn a taxi at the Taxi HQ by walking in the marker. After you got your taxi you can go to the Ped marked on your map and pick him up. You will get money after you delivered the Ped to the place he want.