100% Derby


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100% Derby Server 24/7!


128 Players

Rules and Admins

The current gamemode playing is 100% derby and dm. The goal is to reach the hunter and kill all remaining players. The fun part of this server is to finally reach your destination and become the guy in the top 10.


The derby server is the one big experimental server for shaders, internet radio and angry spanish people. It is part of the cloud, that means you can chat to players on other servers and on the same time be rammed from behind with NRG by a Faggio. The current version is MTA 1.3.

Gimmik: If you have a low FPS, the shaders turn off. Less then 20 FPS are a sure sign that you'll never get bothered by them. Else, framerates above 40 FPS even activate the "bloom" shader: Normally blue, it turns red as soon as your car health goes down. You'll see it for yourself!

There even is rules, even if no one cares. Derby Rules.